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8 Hot Sex Ideas to Try in Bed with your Partner

Exciting Hot Sex Ideas to Explore in Bed with Your Partner

The challenge in life is when you don’t allow stress to affect your sex life. You chalk out strategies, get new hot sex ideas, talk to your partner, and do whatever it takes to bring your rosy days back on track. Yes, we keep getting entangled in challenges every day, every moment. Despite this, we make sure things are good in bed.

There are so many naughty ideas to try in bed. It’s not always that you have to take your clothes off. You can even give your partner an orgasm by reading erotic books. There are more hot sex ideas that you can try to make your bed stories better.

Hot Sex Strategies to Impress your Partner in Bed

Here we bring you some interesting hot sex ideas that would spice up your bed stories with your partner

Take a selfie in a new pose

In this 21st century, life has been more exuberant. You stay so active, capture selfies of special moments with your near ones, and more. So, why not go out of the syllabus and take a selfie with your partner in bed? It’s going to be pure fun and a different step altogether.

Take a Lube in Bed

Whether you wish to go penetrative or oral, a lube in bed will be a good idea to consider among the hot sex ideas. There might be moments when you will want to play with her body. So, whatever it may be, take a water-based lube in case your partner needs some strokes.

Bring a New Vibrator

Foreplay does not necessarily mean using your hands, lips, and tongue. You can even make it more exciting by using sex toys. The world of adult products is big, and an online sex toy store will bring you anything you want. There is plenty of naughty stuff to play with. A popular sex toy to impress a woman is a vibrator. Whether it is a rabbit bullet, or music vibrator, these hot sex ideas promise girls a new erotic experience.

Play the game of “Who can Last”

Getting an orgasm is easy. How strongly you resist is the real challenge. But this time, take it as a game and play with your partner. Whether it’s your man or girl, anyone will love this game. Pick a random way to seduce your partner and check how long you can resist your orgasm.

Turn on some Music

Music is good for any ambiance. Choose to play a seductive song, this time, with your partner in bed and see if those lyrics help you set up the mood. Music has such massive power that it can turn tables in seconds.

Dress up for your Partner

You know how your partner loves to see you in bed. Take this opportunity and surprise him when he heads to bed. Start no discussions, keep no diversions, and get your partner’s attention. This is one of the hot sex ideas that will work wonders.

Masturbate side by side

Till now, you have been all alone during your jerk-off sessions. Now, it’s your turn to try with your partner. Just go nude and start caressing your assets. For more fun, you can even fiddle with each other’s as well. Take some lube on each other’s fingers and get going.

Say good words in whispers

Expressions indeed say everything. But when you choose to beautify those expressions through words, it feels magical. For instance, if you had a fulfilling session, let your partner know she was good today. Tell him about the best part of the session you enjoyed today. May be, this would help to make the next session better and spicier.

Last Thoughts: Exciting Hot Ideas

So, you see how you can bring out new ideas to try in bed. It’s not always missionary that works. The more innovative you are with your partner in bed, the stronger is your bond. You can always come up with hot sex ideas and warm up your bed. Also, toys can play a crucial role, as mentioned above. BDSM can also be a good idea to get naughty with your partner. So, whatever way you choose to be with your partner, make sure it leads to fruitful results.

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